Kaho Na Pyar Hai - The Unofficial Remake Of Tamil Flick Love Birds


Kaho na pyar hai – the debut movie of Hrithik Roshan made him an overnight star in 2000. The movie was produced and directed by his papa, Rakesh Roshan and was the biggest hit for the year 2000. Audience loved it for the fresh look, new star Hrithik and of course, his lovely dance steps. Does anyone know it’s loosely based on the Tamil flick – ‘Love Birds’ released in 1999 which starred a dance star similar to Hrithik playing the lead role? Yes, the lead role was played by India’s Micheal Jackson Prabhudeva and Nagma played the female lead.


The music was created by A. R. Rahman which became a huge hit across India. Actually similar to the previous flick of Prabhudeva-Nagma combination (Kathalan/Humse hai muquabla) with some chartbuster songs of Rahman, Love birds was also dubbed to Hindi and released in theatres though it was a failure. But its original version did fairly well at box office. Hindi version songs like ‘No Problem’ and ‘Zamba’ could find place in music countdown shows of Hindi channels as well.


I am not sure if the plot of ‘Love birds’ or ‘Kaho na pyar hai’ is similar to any Hollywood movie. But what I can say is, Kaho na pyar hai released in 2000 had some striking similarities with 1996 romantic flick – Love birds. Its climax is also different. When I watched kaho na pyar hai for the first time in 2000, I could easily identify it to be loosely based story line of ‘Love birds’. Only question was – Is Raj and Rohit same, similar to Tamil movie. For the same reason, I believed that poor singer Rohit, played by Hrithik Roshan will return back. But it didn’t happen. Raj Chopra is not at all Rohit, though both are good singers/dancers/performers. That’s the main difference between these two movies. Also, ‘Love birds’ is not an action thriller. But the only thing I can say is Kaho na pyar hai far excelled Love Birds in terms of screenplay and performances. Music of both these movies is indeed great!     


Similar to many love stories of 1990s, both the movies tell the romance between a rich girl and a poor singer/dancer. In both cases, the love birds have to face oppositions from girl’s father and in both cases, the boy challenges the girl’s father that he will prove successful one day and will marry her that day only! But very soon the boy dies in an accident and his dead body is not found. So, everyone thinks, ‘Will he return?’ Heroine is deeply broken by the death of her boyfriend and to get rid of those memories, she goes abroad with parents’ wish.


But incidentally when her car is waiting at traffic, she sees a stylish boy in bike just near him. He is none other than film hero, in a new getup. Heroine gets shocked seeing him and believes it to be her lover. She starts following him and the hero also notices. She even asks him if he is her lover, the question he denies every time. This is the only suspense in the movie, if both are same and the movies travel to different paths and destinations from this point on. In ‘Love birds’, Prabhudeva was not killed by accident. But he leaves India on Nagma’s father’s instruction (he helps Prabhudeva to marry off his sister) and keeps it as a secret. In Kaho na pyar hai, Raj dies in the interval (it’s the truth) and from there on, Rohit plays the lead role.  


‘The traffic signal’ scene where heroine sees hero once again is a direct lift. Also the song picturation - 'No problem' Vs 'Ik din ka jeena', which gives us the impulse that both are same, are picturized in the same way. Hindi version of ‘Love Birds’ may be available in net. Anyone can watch the movie and find a few more similarities in story line.    

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