Just The Right Time For Indian Economy

The changing times
In fact, the recession in Chinese and upward trends in Americans markets are certain motivating points for Indian economy to do better. India in current situation is trying best to improve her market share especially in export and foreign investment sector. The current economical conditions are just right for the development of Indian growth scenario that India should take full advantage of. 

I would like to quote Christine Lagarde, CEO of International Monetary Fund she said while visiting our country recently that India is the future hope of the world economy which is going through a lean period. Her assessment, that India’s GDP @7.2% during 2014-15 was outstanding while more of the developed countries were doing far below the desired levels. Let’s hope India will achieve 8% in the current financial year. 

India is leaping forward
There is no doubt, countries like America and China were doing at a brisk pace in the foreign investment sector until a short while back but these two countries are showing trends of recession in recent times and in present scenario the investors all over the world are looking for alternative options and to all such investors India as a developing economy looks the most attractive market. The stats show that India attracted $4.8 billion in January 2015, almost double of what it was in January 2014 and highest during last two and half years.

The export rate from India is not as much what we were expecting but it is picking up at a steady rate including American markets and as America is considered a good market for Indian products it should help boost Indian economy. Incidentally India’s export to America increased to 2.4% in 2014compared to 2.2% in 2013 which is certainly a good sign for Indian economy.

It will be timely to mention at this point the GDP rate of China which was constantly staying beyond 10% has come down to 7% during current fiscal year 2014-2015 which is another factor behind India’s increased foreign investment sector. India has all the good reasons to increase its market share in fiscal year 2015-16. India is taking all necessary steps to  boost its economy for example, the proposed deduction in corporate tax will certainly boost the morale of Indian corporate sector.

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