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Companies are finding it tough to stop their good employees for longer period even in this critical time when the jobs are hard to find however, job-hopping is a big problem for most companies especially for the younger lot of employees. This is an extra ordinary situation, which is bugging whole of the corporate sector. Companies are finding it a big problem although the human resources departments are working over time to encounter it.  


Only forty-seven percent employees are satisfied with their jobs while seventeen percent are fully satisfied, twenty percent are neutral but ten percent are usually on the look out for another job. This is a clear indication that almost 35% workers might leave the job at any given time.


Youth is more shaky


As most surveys indicate clearly that experienced people try to adjust with working conditions therefore most companies, try to concentrate on experienced employees in place of working on youngsters who are not reliable and are more likely to switch over. I can tell you this from my own experience who worked for corporate sector for long enough that most youngsters find a workplace as their experimental venue to shift at the first opportunity without looking at the important point of job satisfaction.


Good employees are always a little bit emotional therefore, companies need to look that their self-respect never gets hurt because not every one works for the sake of money only but he cares for his self-respect also and that is important.


Reasons to leave jobs

  • If a good employee is not getting proper encouragement

  • In case a proficient employee is not being considered for promotion or superseded by buttering types

  • Internal politics of a company maybe a reason for an employee’s dissatisfaction 

  • Lack of emotional bonding could well be one of the major cause for a good employee to leave

  • Salary could well be another factor for an employee to decide to leave although most companies pay according to their talent.   


Finally- I would like to make it clear that you cannot keep every one happy so if any one has decided to leave you cannot make him stay however keep a watch on your good employees and make them comfortable so that they stay with you for longer duration.   

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