Jim Corbett National Park - Oldest One In Asia


Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and the oldest park established in Asia. In 1936, this park was established as the Hailey National Park. The park has also its wildlife preserve, it is known for the tigers it protects. It is also known for its environmental landscape, with its streams and rivers. The Corbett National Park is a venue for adventurous people to explore more of nature. It promotes care and love for the environment and makes people aware of life that nature offers. More details on the park will be discussed in this article.


In the past, parts of the national park were under the state of Tehri Garhwal. The ownership of the park was then on made under the British government; however, the park was not maintained. In the year 1966, animals such as tigers and elephants were taken by the park to protect. After 7 years, the park is known for its wildlife preservation. A project called Project Tiger, considered being the biggest environmental preservation project, was launched that year. Today, the park is visited by locals and tourists and known to be one of the many attractions in Nainital.


Although the park has its focus mainly on wildlife preserve, it also paved the way for ecotourism. The park is perfect for those who are adventurous, because of the environmental activities that visitors can do in the park. Among these activities include fishing, nature walks, river crossing, bungee jumping, and wall climbing. Other attractions on wildlife preserve include the safari tours in the national park, which pave the way for tourists to see the environment and show appreciation for it. For Indian tourists, it recommended visiting during the summer season, but for foreigners, the winter season preferred.


Aside from the adventure activities and wildlife preserve that found in Corbett National Park, there are several other attractions that make tourists eager to visit the park. Among these attractions is the Dhikala, which is a rest house that built hundred years in the past. Nature lovers would appreciate this house because of view of the valley. Another attraction is the Garjia Temple, a temple built for Gardia Devi. Ranikhet, a hill station in Almora, is a perfect spot to view the Indian Himalayas. Lastly, the Kalagarh Dam is the perfect spot for bird watching activities.


The Corbett National Park, rich in culture and history, is one of the most beautiful and entertaining parks in Asia. Similar to other parks that have wildlife preserve, this park caters for environment conservation and maintenance and protection of wildlife. The park also has numerous adventurous activities, as explained in the ecotourism section of this article. What makes this park unique is the view of the mountains, streams, and the surroundings from the Indian Himalayas. Tourists are sure to enjoy this place with their family and friends, and it serves as an opportunity to appreciate the true beauty of nature.

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