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The IT jobs in India are giving good placements with lucrative salary for talented young people. The high pay is indeed a tempting factor why people move towards these types of jobs. But in reality only 2.5 million people are employed in IT jobs in India. This includes both who are directly employed and indirectly employed. But still the Indian education system is producing more number of computer engineers than the actual need. So only who are talented could get a good placement and others are left behind in the race and are forced to work for less pay.


Most of the IT jobs in India are centered on the metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. There is a great exodus of population every year from the Indian towns and villages to these places. A good number of IT professionals also seek jobs outside India and contribute to the foreign exchange of the nation. The major job recruiters are Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, HCL, Cognizant Technologies, Google and Microsoft.


Those who are seeking IT jobs in India may go to one of the above said commercial hubs and try for a job in their interested niche. There are various types of IT jobs in India like PHP programmer, Joomla, Drupal expert, HTML and CSS Guru, IT auditors, System security technician, C++ Developer, Graphic Designer, Software programmer, web developer, system administrator, database administrator, etc.


The IT field in India is one of the fastest developing industries and it accounts for the 5.19% of the GDP of the country. The annual revenues from this sector in 2010-11 are $54.33 billion and it is more than China which is only $35.76 billion. But this is not enough when compared with the alarming rate of increase of Indian population.


The vacancy in IT jobs in India started in 1967 when the Tata group company was established in Mumbai. The percentage of IT products export was just 1% in 1990 and this rose to 18% in 2001. This increase has contributed to the absorption of many IT professionals in the companies. Not everyone will get the best job and the rule here is the survival of the fittest. The IT jobs in India would not mean only the jobs related to software development. There are some other jobs like remote assistance, back office operations, insurance claims and procedures, medical transcriptions, BPOs and call centers, etc. which are also based on IT industry.


The IT companies who are in need of employees post their requirements in employment websites. The job seekers may take advantage of them and apply for the job. Preparing a good resume is very essential. If your resume is not good then it will not create an impression in the minds of the recruiters. Therefore preparing a resume along with the cover letter in the right format is very essential. The job consultancies are there to help you out to do this perfectly. The IT jobs in India is a dream job for many people but should know how to get good IT jobs in India that will help in the development of the career.  

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