Is It The Right Time For Sachin To Retire From IPL?


It is a common question in the last two days that ‘is it the right time for Sachin to retire from IPL'? I am also a die hard fan of the little master. Through this article I want to tell my opinion about Sachin’s retirement from IPL.


As my opinion it is the right time to retire. Now we can check the reasons for this opinion. We all know that Sachin is at the 40’s and his debut was at the age of 15. So he was continuously playing cricket for the last 25 years. More over 20-20 cricket is a game with risky shots. If 20-20 cricket will develop in 1980’s surely Sachin should be the king of that game. Now age is defeating him to make such risky shots. He had won the World cup for his country, and at last his team Mumbai Indians won the IPL trophy 2013 although he had not played in the final. So he had full filled all his ambitions as a cricketer.


Sachin is more famous not only for his run making but also beauty of his shots. In one day cricket his shots are most beautiful than any one else in the world. But in 20-20 the beauty of shots is not much important. In that little form there is no importance for how they come only for how much they come. So such a classic batsman like Sachin had no importance in that game even if Sachin score runs with his natural striking. I think that Sachin understands the fact now only. More over Sachin retries from one day cricket and he had to concentrate only in test matches. Continuous playing of 20-20 will definitely affect his test playing ability. I think Sachin also know that.


More over it is better to retire by winning a cup than losing all last games. Sachin thought he should retire from one days while India wins the world cup. He postponed his decision because he thinks the media will take it as breaking news than the world cup win. Even though he could not play for Mumbai Indians the last five games because of injury thank god for his last shot was a maximum. The only man who hit a six to his own stands in the stadium is none other than Sachin. Sachin hit that six to the “SACHIN TENDULKAR STAND” in the Vankatte stadium, Mumbai. So who else can say it’s not the proper time to retire.

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