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Inverter is an alternative source of current now. In load shedding prone area it works well and gives some relaxation to everybody. Though it has some advantages but it has many disadvantages also. It is available on some capacity. Before purchasing one should know about his/her requirements.  Then one should buy it. It is divided in two parts. One is machine which controls the current and helps to recharge the battery. The other part is battery. Machine decides about supply. Now many types of machines are available with different facilities. Bypass system, auto selection system about AC or DC, flash protector are also available. In modern technologies computer, refrigerator, air conditioner etc are also run with the help of inverter.

It has some advantages like it takes supply automatically where line power is on. As it is fully automated it does not need  ny manual operation. When it is charging it gives signal. When capacity will be low it also gives a beep sound. It has an internal fan which helps the system to remain cool. It decreases the electric bill also.

But it has many disadvantages also. First of all it is some costly. So many people can not afford this system. You need to change the internal wiring system and should provide another system to run it. Battery has a limited life. It is also costly and when you will go to change it you have to expend a lot of money. When main power supply will gone it works but here also has some limitation. It works for some time only. Again periodically you have to check the water level of battery and if it is in low level then either you have to pour or you have to call the mechanics. It occupies some places also at home and some time it produces some iritic sound. Beware of children also as the water of battery have some acidic chemical it may herm. It can not help the high wattage machine to run as it has some limited capacity.

So overall it has some advantages and disadvantages. Night sleep will be smooth if power will go as inverter will take responsibilities. If load shedding is for short time then it is good but if power off will be for long time then beware.

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