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Some people create fashion and some people follow them. Some others feel whatever they opt that is fashion. But Priyanka Chopra follow these 3 categories according to the situation of hers. Let us know what she says about the secrets of her style.


Most of her outfits are purchased in loss angels. She feels any fashion first starts from there it seems. She prefers to do shopping with her cousin Divya at losangels as she knows very well which outfit suits Priyanka.

When Priyanka looked most beautiful:

When she attended a premiere show of Hollywood film “Disney Plains”, she was awesome and beautiful. The dress she wore for this show was designed by Maya crispin designer and the make-up, hairstyle and accessories are perfectly suit her dress.


Where ever she goes, she keeps on purchasing jewellery. But she wears them very rare. She even has much jewellery which not even used till now. She mostly prefers to wear the jewellery which is sold on the roads that is artificial.


She never gives importance to brands and designers. She purchases the things which are suitable to her. Those may costly or cheap. She feels fashion is not branded and designs. It is our confidence.

Nail Polish:

She chooses nail polish according to the climate and her mood. She mostly prefers to wear midnight blue, black, dark red colors to her nails.

While going out:

She prefers shoes than the chapels. She has numerous couple of shoes. Once in Florence, ferragamo music people have designed her shoe. She is the first Indian lady whose shoe was designed by them. She feels very lucky and proud.


She prefers wearing LTB Jeans with Booty. If it is the film celebrating function, she loves to attend it with smoky eyes and dark berry lipstick.

If Priyanka needs to exchange her fashion with anyone then she wants to exchange outfit with Pop singer Victoria Beckham and Hollywood heroine Rihanna accessories. In India, she prefers Fashion Icon Rani Gayatridevi.

While going to a friend’s house, she prefer going in leather jacket and shoes. The interesting thing about her is she never moves out without shoes.

If she needs to work in a company as an employee then will prefer pencil skirt and matching Blazers and pumps footwear it seems.

Style Mantra:

She only cannot say it seems whether she follows fashion or not. If getting ready according to the situation is fashion. Then she follows fashion it seems. Here style mantra self-confidence. How much better you look, but if there is no confidence, then everything is a waste.

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