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Mokshagundam Visvesvaraiah popularly called Sir. MV can be addressed as ‘India’s Engineer’. He was born in Karnataka in September 15, 1861. Born as a Brahmin in the village Muddanahalli of Colar district took responsibilities of the whole family at the age of 15 when his father died due to illness. Through tuitions to students he earned expenses for daily living. He passed BA in the year 1880 and with the help of Mysore Government, joined Science college in Pune to pursue Engineering degree. In 1883 he passed his engineering degree with rank.


In 1884 March, he joined as Assistant engineer in Public Works Department Mumbai. During that period he achieved every success and achievement that an engineer can get in India. It included Superintend designation too. He established a project that distributed water from Indus River to Sukur town. When bridge of Kolhapur made with mud was facing the threat he found enough safety measures and he got appreciation from Divan at that time. In 1906, he helped British government in purifying underground water in military campus of Eden port. After 24 years of service he retired from his engineering post at the age of 47. Year was 1908.


Before the voluntary retirement period, he became the chief engineer of Hyderabad and contributed his intelligence in finding effective measures against flood and pollution problems. His talents were fully expressed this time giving importance to science and technology. In 1909 Mysore king appointed him as the chief engineer and he became the architect of Krishnaraja Sagar dam. He completed the dam and the tunnel of 2.8 kms, connecting the dam. Till then, it was the best dam of India.


Very soon Mysore King made him Diwan and he was given many designations and prizes. He contributed best for maintaining discipline and efficiency of his subordinates. He started many projects including Mysore University, Bangalore Engineering college, Women’s college and hostel. Bank of Mysore, Mysore Chamber of Commerce and many railway projects. In 1932, he completed Visvesvaraiah canal project and block system for irrigation was introduced here. He died at Bangalore in the year 1962 at the age of 102.


As an efficient engineer, an excellent administrator and a brilliant statesman and scholar, he gave new meanings to India and Indian Engineering section. Most important thing to note is that it happened before Indian Independence when India was under British power.  In true means, he is ‘The Engineer of India’.   

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