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Indian sweets are famous all over the world. The great taste, brilliant colors and unique shapes have made the Indian sweets recipes everyone’s favorite. Sweets have a prominent place in Indian cuisine. They are savored on all important days like festival times, anniversaries and birthdays. During Deepavali it is the custom of a traditional Hindu family to make great varieties of sweets at homes. Some famous varieties of sweets made are laddoos, jilebis, peda, badam halwa, basundi, burfi, coconut burfi, gulab jamoon, badhusha, chandrakala, milk sweets, rasagulla, mysorepa, etc. During Pongal, sweet pongal is made in all the Indian houses who celebrate the festival. This sweet is made of rice, ghee, sugar, cardamom, milk, coconut, cashew nut and raisins and would melt into your mouth. It is Indian custom to make sweet payasams and kheer during anniversaries and other special occasions.


Some sweets are region specific. Some of them are made only in North India like a number of milk sweets in different shapes and sizes while some of them are made only in South India. The Indian sweets recipes are also religion specific. For example laddoos, bhoonthi and jangiri are mainly made in Hindu houses while palkolukkattai, ainees, puriyan, oppittu, kadalpaasi are made exclusively in Muslim houses. But still these are famous among all people because in India, the people of one religion mingle with the people of other religions just like with their brothers or sisters. This communal harmony has made the varieties Indian sweets recipes so special and countless.


All the end products of Indian sweets recipes are not solid sweets. Some of them are in solid consistency like mysorepa, laddoos and jilebis. Some of them are semi-solids like milkgova, badam halwa, etc. Some Indian sweets like payasam, phirni, kheer and badam milk are liquid sweets. Rasagulla, gulab jamoon and basundi contain solid balls floating on sweet liquids.


Indian sweets recipes can still be divided into milk sweets and non-milk sweets. For preparing milk sweets, milk powder or gova or condensed milk is the main ingredient. Coconuts are used in many non-milk sweets. Jilebi is a fantastic sweet with entangled rings that will taste delicious. White jilebi is called as jangiri.


Sugar, milk, flour and essence are the main ingredients of many Indian sweets recipes. The difference lies in the method of making it, in its color, shape, size and composition of the products. Diet sweets are also made in many families with the help of artificial sweetener these days. It is a custom to serve sweets at the end of delicious sumptuous meal.


Let me finish this with a very easy yet tasty Indian sweet vattilappam. This could be made in five minutes if you have microwave oven. All you need is two eggs, 100ml milk, 8 teaspoons of sugar, a pinch of cardamom powder, four teaspoons of milk powder. Beat the eggs and add sugar and cardamom powder to it. Mix the milk with milk powder to thicken it and add it to the eggs. Pour it into the microwave safe bowl and microwave it on high for four minutes. Yummy! Yummy! The Indian sweets recipes are great to taste and easy to prepare.

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