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The time honored Indian cooking includes the Indian fast food varieties also. There are varieties of items relished differently in different places. The Indian fast food is quite different from international fast food. The term fast food generally is used to describe a type of food that is sold in road side stalls and are considered to be junk foods. These are already cooked foods that are kept ready to be sold out and when ordered are heated and supplied. They are supplied over the counter on prepaid coupon. They differ according to the preferences of the area and culture.


Most of the Indian fast food stalls are located on the road side and have cash counters for selling the food coupons. There will be a food delivery counter where one can collect the prepared foods. These fast food stalls also sell other items like beverages, ice creams, chaats and soft drinks. There will be open kitchen where anyone can see what is happening. Usually these stalls have tall tables and people should stand and eat. A water filter will be fitted near to that and they follow the rules of self service. No one will serve food to you and you have to pay money and take the token to the food vendor and collect your food.


There are some international fast food stalls in India such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s and Barista Coffee. You can relish the foods of other countries in these stalls. The chicken varieties, fried foods like fried rice, noodles, sandwich, pizzas, grilled and Chinese items are famous here. However in the Indian fast food stalls, you can enjoy the Indian foods such as idlis, vadas, vangibath, bonda, pongal, upma, kesaribhath, dosas, etc.


Some of the Indian fast food items are bonda soup, pakoras, rajma rice, omelet bread, pasta, dabeli, salads, momos, grilled sandwich, mutar kulcha, pav bhaji, idli sambar, mini meals, stuffed paratha, naan, dahi vada, etc. Other Indian fast food recipes are alooo anardana chaat, aloo chaat cilli, aloo kachori, aloo tikki burger, aloo took, apple sandwich, bacon pie, baked stuffed clams, besan dhokla, bhel puri, bread bhel puri, bhatura, bhajias, chili potato, chicken chow mein, chili gopi, Manchurian dry, fried cabbage, etc. The beverages like coffee, tea, lassi, milk shakes, aerated drinks, fresh fruit juice, mock tails, soups, etc are also sold here.


Paav bhaaji is one of the famous Indian fast food. Paav is a small bun that goes in combination with the Bhaaji which means vegetable. Bhelpuri is another low fat and nutritious item that is very famous in Western part of India. The north Indian snack food tikki ki chaat and other chaat varieties have an important place in Indian fast food. Pakoras are perfect for cold and rainy days and they go well with different chutney varieties. Pakoras and bajjis could be made with any vegetable you like. Vada pav is famous in Maharashtra and is sold in roadside food stalls there. Samosa with mint chutney is another mouthwatering Indian fast food. In fact the Indian fast food is not a junk food as many are thinking but are delicious and nutritious at the same time.

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