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The first glorious international cricket match was played between USA and Canada followed by which,  India, West Indies and New Zealand became Test nations before the Second World War and then Pakistan soon afterwards. The earliest format of the game was test cricket which to this day is considered as the most sacred. Soon, one day internationals and t-20 started ruling the roost. The latest to join this bandwagon is Indian fantasy cricket.

Earlier people used to enjoy sitting through 5 days of test matches, following each and every over to the T. However, with the advent of technology and strategic planning, the cricket council introduced one day internationals and t20. This format grew largely popular amongst the audience as it was fast paced and often promoted new talent. Though people loved the game, they couldn’t participate in it which led to the advent of t20 fantasy league matches.

The major premise of this was that people should be able to enjoy and feel a part of the game as much as they loved it. The main draw was that it gave people the opportunity to play with real life players on their team as it was based on the player’s actual performance on field. Your team would get points depending on the how the player performed in the actual match in real world. For this you need a thorough knowledge of the players who are in form in the current season so you can make the right choice by selecting them. T20 fantasy league gave an opportunity to be a team selector in the virtual space.

Many different formats of the fantasy games were reinvented as the idea popularized. Each tournament had its own league match or premiere match. There were championship tournaments, World cup tournaments, t20 Indian Premier League and many more. People also had the option of playing publically through public leagues or be invited to specific groups to compete in private leagues. Private leagues did not allow people to participate unless you are being invited by the person in the league. You can change your team multiple times before the match and final freezing time. Also, internally you can manage with several changes in the captainship.

It gave people a chance to connect with their favorite cricket teams online and play with real life circumstances as the team selectors. Many websites now offer live matches where you can score and make points during an actual ongoing live tournament. You need to strategize and plan accordingly to the latest match statistics to gain maximum beneficial results for your team. T20 fantasy league live matches gave users the chance to watch fantasy scores update in real time as a match is in progress.

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