The Indian dishes are unique in their features. Usually ladies are the kitchen queens in India and they spend more time in cooking than in any other countries. The Indian dishes suit the taste buds of people living all the parts of the world. You can easy separate the people into three types based on their food preferences. The vegetarians who eat only vegetarian food items, the non-vegetarians who eat meat, chicken and fish along with vegetarian foods and eggetarians who consume only egg with their vegetarian dishes. The non-vegetarians do not eat all types of non-veg items. Cows are strictly prohibited for Hindus and they consider it as holy and pork is a taboo for the Muslims.


There are various types of Indian dishes namely Mughlai dishes, Punjabi dishes, South Indian dishes, Hyderabadi, Goan, Bengali, Rajasthani, Sindhi, etc. Most of them are based on the region and community the people belong to. The curry is used to denote various items like gravy, spices and curry patta leaves. More than twenty five varieties of spices are used in Indian dishes. Normally people make use of garam masala at their homes. The cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper are roasted and ground to fine powder and that is garam masala. In traditional homes garam masala is made in the houses by themselves. However, this is also available readymade in Indian stores. Without this garam masala you cannot get the great taste of Indian dishes.


Chilly, coriander, cumin and turmeric are other main spices used and some other items like saffron, mace, fenugreek and nutmeg are used for selected items. You have to add these things in the right proportion to get the right taste. With various proportions of the same spices you can get variety of tastes. There are two types of chillies used in preparing Indian food. The green chilly is used fresh and the red chilly is usually dried and powdered. Chilly powder and coriander powder are the ingredients that give the gravies that thick consistency.


Though rice is the most important of all Indian dishes, the same quality of rice is not used all over India. In North India, basmati rice is widely used. Even in this basmati rice there are numerous varieties like thibar and dubar and many more. In South India people prefer ponni rice mainly. Other rice varieties used here are IR 20, IR 50, rajabogam, BT, seeraga samba, etc. In North India raw rice is used for cooking but in South India parboiled rice is preferred. In Kerala red motta rice is used. The rice is bigger in size and rich in nutrients.


Rice, idli, dosai, chappathi, gravies and side dishes are the daily diet of Indian people. The idli, dosai and chappathi are the breakfast items and the white rice is cooked by adding water and eaten with gravies and side dishes. These gravies and side dishes are either made of vegetables of with mutton, chicken or fish. However may be they are made the addition of spices in right amount makes these Indian dishes delicious to taste.

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