Have you ever wondered what gives that great taste to those Indian cooking recipes? Cooking is carried out in every home in all the parts of the world. But still Indian cooking is relished as one of them that contain top class taste with rich flavor and exotic aroma. What is special and unique in Indian cooking? Yes there are some special types of cooking carried out in India. In some parts of the world where varieties of breads, pizzas and cakes are taken as daily meals, baking is the main method of cooking. However in India baking is not given much importance. Rather the Indian cooking recipes are boiled, fried, steamed, sautéed and finally seasoned.


The Indian cooking recipes differ from home to home, region to region, religion to religion and culture to culture. In most of the typical Indian families women are the heads of the kitchen. The mature ladies of the house get up early in the morning and after bathing and doing their poojas enter the kitchen to make the dishes for the whole family. I would say that their warm love and manners and the respect that they show towards their husbands have made them the great cooks because they cook to please their husbands at the first place and then the older people and kids in their family. This sense of dedication and selflessness is what that makes Indian cooking recipes unique.


There are non-vegetarian Indian cooking recipes and vegetarian Indian cooking recipes. Some of the non-vegetarian recipes include butter chicken, fish fry, fish curry, chicken kebab, chicken in coconut milk, chicken tikka, mutton Manchurian, chicken chettinad, dry mutton, barbecued mutton, etc. As I said seasoning is an integral part of Indian cooking. The non-vegetarian varieties are seasoned with cloves, cardamom and cinnamon.


Some of the vegetarian Indian cooking recipes are brinjal side dish, pepper kathirikkai, cabbage kottu, vegetable kurma, chutney varieties, upma, tomato chutney, etc. The non-vegetarian dishes are also seasoned but in a different way. The mustard seeds, urid dhal, curry leaves, besan and red chilly are roasted in a tablespoon of oil and added to the end product. The coconut chutney is made by grinding grated coconut, roasted besan(pottukadalai), green chilly and salt with a pinch of tamarind and ginger. After that it is seasoned in the same way as said above to impart flavor. Besan could also be said as the puffed chana dhal. Once when I went to Sri Lanka to a friend’s house, they wanted to make me happy with Indian cooking recipes and made coconut chutney. However puffed besan is not available in the stores there and so they used soaked chana dal instead. It tasted bitter and bad but I gobbled it as a gratitude for their love. That is why I say that Indian cooking recipes are unique to India. India is India and nothing can match the Indian taste.

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