India Becomes The Highest Run Scoring Team In ODIs


There have recorded a number of records in her name at various points of time in international cricket. India on Thursday created history by becoming a team to have scored the most number of runs in the One Day Internationals (ODIs). Some records are created in World Cups, while some records got created while playing away from home as well.

However, one very unique record got written in India’s name when India batted against South Africa in the first one day match of the series. India is now the leading run scoring team in the world of cricket. Before India played the first match, the team had scored 1, 82,881 runs – the same number of runs as that of Australia.

However, Australia have played lesser number of matches than India. But now that hardly matters as Australia have been overtaken and India sits at the top in this chart. India had played 841 matches before beginning the tour of South Africa, while Australia played 825 games.

In these 841 games, India has been involved in 423 wins – roughly winning only 50 per cent of the games the team has played. There have been 376 losses that came India’s way until now. There have been six matches that have ended in a tie, while 36 matches have ended without any result.

Going back to the list, Pakistan comes in third in this with 807 games that they have played in all. Pakistan have scored 1, 71,982 runs.

Another country from the sub-continent makes it to the top four. The fourth country is Sri Lanka, who have played a total of 701 games and have scored 1, 46,365 runs in all.

The once unbeatable West Indies rounds up the top five in the list. West Indies have played 705 games and scored 1, 45,260 runs ever since the one day games have started in cricket.

Ever since M S Dhoni took over the captaincy, India has become a world power in the game of cricket. He is blessed to have found support in the form of players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Zaheer Khan, Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli to name just a few.

Please note that all the figures are put fourth until December 5, 2013 when India and South Africa played their first match of the series.

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