Immortal Films In The History Of Indian Cinema


Cinema can be seen in two ways – One as mere entertainment or as a part of Indian culture or common man’s life. If a film maker sees cinema as the best medium to project the real life of man and if he views it seriously, then of course, it will stay forever even after decades and centuries even while new technologies conquer the world. A few Indian films, though made 50 or 60 years ago, still are regarded as milestones of Indian cinema. Those movies are still relevant with present social life. Do you want to know which are they?


Mother India – India’s first movie to be nominated in Oscar awards and unfortunately it lost the award by one vote. Mehboob Khan has already made the film 17 years ago before Mother India as Aurat. Yet he was not satisfied with it and thought of making the movie once again, noting the present economic status of the country and life style of poor peasants. Nargis Dutt’s role was voted as the best actress role of millennium in the year 2000.


Suberna Rekha – The artist behind this movie was the genius whom we call Ritwik Ghatak. This Bengali movie tells the story of India partition and miseries of the refugees. This movie was a powerful reflection of sufferings of lakhs of poor men.


Pather Panchali – This Bengali movie, directed by Satyajit ray is always regarded as the best movie ever made on Indian screen. Based on the novel written by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay in the year 1929, this movie was produced by Government of India. Released in 1955, it was the first Indian movie to receive international appreciation.


Mughal-E-Azam – Bollywood lovers can never forget each and every scene of this movie and the difficulties faced by its film maker to bring it onscreen. It took 11 years for the movie to get released in 1960 and remains the only movie directed by K. Asif. If inflation figures are noted, perhaps it’s the most expensive film ever made on Indian screen and may hold the record of biggest hit of box office too.


Do bheega zameen – Classic masterpiece of Bimal Roy. Though a tragic end, it tells the real story of poor Indian farmers and feudalism. This movie is always regarded as one of the greatest milestones of Indian cinema, following Mother India.


Pyaasa – Pyaasa is Guru Dutt’s master creation where Waheeda Rahman played lead role. It tells the story of a poor poet and a courtesan. This classic creation is worth to see once. 

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