I Love Photography And Wish To Master The Art


I wish I could master art of photography

I am jack of all but master of none and I am certainly not talking about my academic degrees here, I am a photographer for fun, an amateur writer who wants to cover whatever he sees around him without hesitation and a professional traveler and this particular case is neither for fun nor to spend money but to earn money. Yes, you guessed it a right - I am marketing professional, although I have decreased my traveling activities to great extent now for some time but still enjoy my tour and travels but increased other two. After all, I have seen so many places including dream places like valley of flowers during my traveling days.

Photography is good hobby

I am using cameras ever since I was only eight now the technique has changed a lot since, still I never felt like using camera for commercial purpose although I have had many opportunities to do so. I started using my father’s camera an original Agfa G camera he bought from Germany, for clicking my pet, my friends, parents, schoolmates in my childhood. That camera was a little difficult for me to handle in the beginning as it had multiple functions like speed setting of aperture, lighting arrangements, distance setting and even the opening it, was not easy as it was like whole unit popped out of its box.

Photography is addiction

Later I felt as if I was addicted with the hobby and never ever traveled without a camera that gave me a wonderful chance to understand life, society, history and geography in a better way. I am sure most of my friends here love photography as hobby and with technology growing with every passing day; they take full advantage of it and have fun.

My partner

I know using camera is a complicated art which one can mater with lots of guts and practice and I am proud to say that my wife is master of this art as she helps me out on my book project that I am writing about different beauty spots of my country and few surrounding countries. She also helps me in typing chapters of my book I intend to finish soon although some or the other problems keep delaying my project. 

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Suny loves to click at different objects.

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