How Wife Expect Her Husband To Be?


Every woman wants her husband to look handsome, smart and pleasant. He should not have any bad habit like smoking and drinking. She always expects him to be well manner and good behavior. His attitude and nature must be good. She eternally wants her husband to support her forever in every happiness and sadness of her but should not be harsh towards her on any issue. He has to give importance to her and he must treat her as a queen of his life as wife treats husband as king of his life. If Wife commits any mistake then the husband should remain that mistake and explain her and make her understand softly. Most of the wives expect their husbands to love them always.

                Wives want their husband to spare a little time at least with them and know about how was their day. Wife and husband spending time with each other eliminates many misunderstandings between them and it will be plus for thickening of their relationship. How much wife gives importance to the husband, the same importance wife expects from the husband. That means when wife makes the husband the king of her life then she expects husbands to make her queen of his life. In any issue, the wife expects husbands to give first priority to her. She wants no secrets to takes place between them. She wants her husband to share every problem and happiness with her. The Wife will become much happier when she gets importance from her husband and when husband understands her love and pain. The Husband should help her in her household work.

                The Husband must not be over possessive towards his wife. He should give less freedom to her. Of course she is also a human being. Wife and husband should have mutual understanding between them so that misunderstandings should not take place. How a wife is responsible towards her husband, similarly husband should be much responsible towards the wife. The Husband should respect his wife in front of the society and friends. Whatever he does, he must intimate to his wife and the wife also should intimate to husband about whatever she does. 

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