How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer


Skin care:

Due to the unbearable heat of the hot sun in summer season our skin and hair gets spoiled. Due to the sweating we need to take head bath for more times. Therefore, hair becomes dry. The wrinkles occur and skin gets spoiled, therefore, we feel uncomfortable. Mangoes are best solution for avoiding these problems. The vitamin A which is available in ripen mangoes heals the skin cells which got damaged or spoil and generates new cells. It will protect our skin from getting wrinkles and spots. It improves our immune system. Though the mangoes are very tasty but it is good to have them in limit. The anti-oxidants which are available in fresh sweet corn, it is like a sunglass to our whole body. The anti-oxidants like lutein and Zeaxanthin present in them will filter the sunrays and protect us from pigmentation problem. When you have zinc deficiency then the sweating of the body will be very horrible smell. So it is good to have food which contains zinc sufficiently like Badam, sprouts, dry watermelon seeds, wheat with skin, oats with cold milk.

Food which should not be taken in summer season

It is good to avoid having the food items which contain more sugar like honey, cool drinks, coffee, tea. Though the cool drinks are cool but they provide us zero vitamins. Coffee and tea cause dehydration problem. Having dry fruits in this  season is not at all good. Especially  kaju and pista. They take more time to get digested. But kismiss is better. It is good to eat fish, instead of chicken. It is suggested to avoid eating the oily food like vada, samosa, chips etc. Onions, chili and  Garlic  must be taken in limit.

Things which should be done regularly in summer

  1. Try to take a bath twice a day with cold water.
  2. Have 6 liters of water per day. Therefore, your skin will be fresh as blood gets purified more well and even your hair will be smooth and healthy as it get sufficient moisture.
  3. Try to avoid taking non-vegetarian food when there is more temperature.
  4. Wash your face as many times as possible
  5. Try to have juices at least twice in a day.
  6. Have buttermilk at the end of your meal.
  7. When you fel your body is suffering from over heat then add sugar in curd and have it. It will instantly cool your body.
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