How To Take Care Of Your Bleeding Gums


If your gums are bleeding then the reason could be any health problem like the imbalance in hormones, bad dentures, and medicines, shortage of vitamins, leukomia, diseases or even gingivitis. If you suffer from bleeding gums every now and then, it is in your own interest to go and see your family doctor or a dentist immediately as the bleeding gums can be a sign for some other future problems.

If the reason is really dental related then you can do something to help yourself and treat the gums that are bleeding. To begin with, it is better for you to change from a hard tooth brush to a soft tooth brush.  You may be thinking that the hard brush is cleaning your teeth. At the same time, it also damages the enamel of your teeth and is troubling your gums.

As it is generally believed, the gums will not get used to the conditions that they are subjected to in time when you brush your teeth with a hard brush. You should also ensure that you brush your teeth after each meal to avoid any swelling between meals. After that, you have to take care that you floss as well every day eventhough you may not like to do it.

The advantages in getting the plaque out will certainly help avoid the gums from bleeding. You may also use some oral tool or some sort of special tooth brush.  The oral tools or the special tooth brush help to break up the plaque out of those gaps which you cannot reach with the regular floss or toothbrush. Once you have brushed your teeth, clean your mouth with warm salt water.

If you clean your mouth with warm salt water, it will help destroy any bacteria and let your gums to restore back to health faster than just allowing them to cure on their own.  In general one teaspoon of salt is ideal for every cup of warm water used to clean your mouth. It is advisable not to use any mouth washes sold in shops since they contain alcohol. 

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