How To Look Glamorous At Night Parties

How to glam yourself up

If you want to look glamorous doll for a party, you should know the right tricks and works to do so. You need balanced makeup especially for the night makeup, which may make or break your image if you have not been careful at your makeup. Makeup for the night party does not necessarily need to be too shimmery or heavy because that might reflect the party lights to make you look overdone, thick or even cranky. Therefore, the secret of night makeup at a party night lies in its balance, neither to heavy nor too light. Let me share some of the tricks of the trade coming from my wife for you-

* First of pick a matching cleanser according to your skin and clean your skin well before going for a makeup for a party. The cleanser would give you a refreshing and glowing look once you have finished your makeup. Use a good cleanser from a reputed manufacturer.

* You should see to it that foundation must match your skin tone because the wish to look fairer can spoil your looks as wrong colored and wrong textured foundations make makeup cranky and uneven therefore foundation should get top priority to match with your skin.

* The best idea for a night party should be to highlight just one particular part either lips or eyes because if you made up both of these gaudily the chances are that none of the feature would look perfect.

* A night party means lot of glamour and most women want to look sexy at their best however the best advice one can offer is to avoid dark and gaudy makeup because that would only make you look odd at places where shiny lighting arrangements reflect it that would hide your real beauty as well.

* In case you have selected your eyes to highlight for a particular night party keep them smoky because smoky enhance the beauty of your eyes especially in evening parties. Keeping the effect light or dark of course is your choice. However, this would be appropriate to add that big dark or long eyes are trendy these days. You can use falls eyelashes and extended eyeliners to give a dramatic look but one thing is for sure that smoky is going to stay in trend in coming days. I hope you shall try my tips to make your next party a successful one for yourself.   

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