How To Enjoy Smart TV Features Via A Phone Hotspot? 7 Tips

You cannot help acknowledging that technology has made your life smooth. With the advent of every other gadget, your very own, old TV has also transformed. Now, this is more than a device that is connected with DTH or cable connection. To your utter surprise, this device is now able to stream movies and TV series from the OTT platforms.

Are you concerned about the price? That would be the last thing you'll think about when you learn their features. Also, a no-cost-EMI option is available on a 32 inch led tv at Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. So, leave your concern behind and learn how you can enjoy smart TV's features via a phone hotspot. 


Stream Movies And Series 

Forget about spending a leisure day in boredom. Amazon Prime and Netflix are offering exciting shows and movies. Why don't you start watching them on your big screen? Now, connecting your phone with your smart TV is easier than ever. After pressing the HOME button, select setting. The next step depends on your TV menu. Go to NETWORK & INTERNET and then press on the wi-fi option. Search for your mobile hotspot there. Enter the password if any and it's connected. 


Play Games To Your Heart's Content 

Gamers are always in search of a powerful gaming device. Do you know these devices are amazing for Call of Duty, or Day Z: Battle royal, or any other famous video games? Once you connect the device with your mobile hotspot, you can easily access the PLAY GAMES app. Here, you choose the game that you want to play. Install the game following the on-screen instructions. Once the game installation is done, call your clan and have a hardcore gaming session. 1 GB RAM, 8GB storage, and 64-bit quad-core processor will back you up in a Mi smart TV. 


Make Your Mood With Songs 

Are you searching for "Mi tv price?" Before that, you should know the amazing features that it offers. Mi smart TVs are perfect as a home sound system. Not only Mi, but you can also browse your favorite songs on any smart TV. Connect your phone with the TV through a mobile hotspot and play music. The latest music apps also run smoothly on your smart TV. Besides, YouTube is always there to cheer you up. So, add some mood to your otherwise dull party with lively songs on your smart tv. 


Smart Class In A Smart Way

The future of this generation lies in these smart TVs. Don't you believe it? Several schools in India have already started their smart classes with smart TVs. If your mobile's internet connection is strong enough, connect the TV via mobile hotspot. Then you can present the modules, pictures, and PPTs, that you've made, on the big screen. HQ pictures and amazing clarity in the videos will make things easy to understand for children. LED display plays a major role in such extraordinary visuals. 


Enhance Yourself A Little More

Integration of technology has made an amazing partnership among all the gadgets in our home. Thus, smart TVs bring you the joy of reading. Connect your TV to the internet through the mobile hotspot and wander in the vast territory of kindle. Read over seven thousand ebooks and audiobooks. Technology is meant for a greater view of life. It has also devoted itself to upgrade your lifestyle. Imagine how thrilling it would be to read or listen to your favorite thriller on 32 inch led tv.


Look Back To The Old Days 

Your smart TVs provide you an opportunity to look back at your golden memories. It has several ports where your pen drive fits perfectly. Make a grand view of your old pictures with your family members. LED display lets your feel the pictures. A sensitive display balances the vibrancy of the pictures making them more lively. You feel as if they are real. This tour to the memory lane contains your soul with warmth. 


Learn With Apps 

Gift your children a clear perception by accessing the learning apps on your smart TV. When they see things on a big screen with an HQ display, diagrams of science become more vivid and comprehensive. Besides, you can join them when they experience difficulties in their lesson. These all are just a matter of one click on your mobile phone. Connect your TV to the internet through your phone's hotspot and enjoy an unlimited learning session. Make sure the learning apps are installed on your TV. If they're not, go to the app store and install them first. An extraordinary experience is on your way. 



So, it's not always necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection at your home. You can easily access the internet on your smart TV through your mobile hotspot. Search for Mi tv price and buy it from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. For the existing customers having Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, options like No Cost EMI on zero down payment and same-day delivery are available.

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