How To Develop Reading Habit In Children


Reading! If you ask a kid of 10 or 15 years, one or two decades back what his hobby is, he would have surely replied, “Reading is my most favourite hobby. I like to read Reader’s Digest and Amar Chitra Katha. If I get time, I do visit my school library and village library to collect a few books of fairy tales”. But now, present technology has given a lot of entertainment kits for kids, that they have already forgotten the words, ‘Books’, ‘Story reading’ and ‘Library’. Am I not right? I am sure every parent will agree with me that kids of today are addicts of cartoon channels and computer games. Also every mother has the complaint that her kid is interested in decoding computer games than trying puzzles, she has brought for him a few days back. So, it’s a problem of every home. Is it possible to bring kids back to the magical world of books and its colours? Definitely yes, just go through these points to get some easy paths. I am sure most of you people will agree with the fact that computer games and cartoons can adversely affect kid’s brain, mental growth, intelligence and thinking. He can learn wrong things through such packages, if not kept in limit.


According to latest researches, it was found that kids love books and reading than computer games and cartoons. 87% kids told that they like books than e-books. Only thing they need is proper channels to bring them close to books. Here, parents can do their better roles, to make kids love books. Instead of buying toffees and computer CDs for kids, why can’t you buy a few books for him? Also, set a home library for him, with his favourite books in one shelf. He will surely start reading books. Also, give fixed time to see television and do computer games, be strict in this matter. Spend a little time with him with a few books in your hand, telling stories. Slowly he will make books his best companion than other entertainments.


Ask him to collect pictures and bits of information to create an album of his own. He will surely love this activity. Start these habits from early ages itself. If so, it won’t look like imposing on him when he reaches 10 or 12. You can introduce him to the world of e-books as well, though preference should be given on printed books. Reading computer notes for long time is harmful to his eye health.


Begin his reading habits with books in mother tongue than British English. Also cultivate this habit during early ages, by spending at least half an hour for it daily. You can keep good magazines and his interesting topics as references in his personal library too.

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