How To Clean Nails Of Toes


Nails are formed with the help of keratin protein. Compare to our nails of toes, nails of our hands finger grow fast. Nails of our hands grow faster in summer compared to winter. There is a lot of importance for nails in beauty. But most of the people do not know about this and they neglect the health and beauty of our nails. If you take a little care then your hair will be healthy and beautiful.


Nails show our health position. By observing the nails, we can estimate our health. If your nails became white in color that means you are suffering from anemia. If your nails are light rose in color that means you have enough blood in your body. If your nails changed into yellow in color and their growth also less that means the health of your kidney are not good. If the white patches occur on nails, therefore, it is the deficiency of calcium.


You may be wearing socks for more time; due to this your nails of toes will contain more dirt in them and this is common with everyone. So we need to maintain our nails of toes neatly.


Let us know few tips about how to maintain our nails of the toes.

  1. Always maintain your toe nails short. The nails which are lengthy in size do not look beautiful and the short nails of toes look beautiful & clean. Therefore, nails look more neat and clean.
  2. Try to use a toes nail brush to clean nails. It will help in clean your nails and remove the dead cells from nails and around the nails. Therefore, make our nails look beautiful and healthy.
  3. When your nails get wet in the rain and while taking bath, try to wash them finely. Use a soap to clean your feet as you use for cleaning your body.
  4. People who wear shoes daily, lets them dry for more time. Because if your shoes are wet and when you wear them, they cover your feet completely and your nails get dry, therefore, there may be chance of occurring splits in your nails.
  5. If your feet sweat more, then apply talcum powder to your feet early morning. Due to this, your nails look beautiful and healthy.
  6. If your nails want to look healthier and more beautiful then apply the nail color nail polish to your nails of the toes.
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