How To Bath Kid With Disability Issues

Wheeled platforms with specially-molded seating systems interfaced with them for users with a more complicated posture. A molded seating system involves taking a cast of a person's best achievable seated position and the either carving the shape from memory foam or forming a plastic mesh around it. This seat is then covered, framed, and attached to a wheelbase this becomes more of a custom wheelchair then a standard type.

Heavy Duty/High Weight Capacity is a collection of mobility products with expanded maximum weight capacities. Heavy duty wheelchairs, bariatric scooters and more, combined with an expert staff. Heavy duty/high weight capacity wheelchairs feature additional crossbraces for support and heavy duty/high weight capacity electric mobility products have stronger motors to accommodate a higher weight. Heavy Duty manual wheelchairs have a reinforced heavy-duty frame that accommodates weight capacities ranging anywhere from maximum weight depending on the chair.

Heavy Duty Wheelchair is strongly constructed and offers a high degree of comfort to larger users. As expect from a wheelchair of this quality, the detachable footrests swing away, the armrests flip back, and the backrest can be folded. The frame is as compact as possible whilst still allowing a wide, comfortable seat (available in 20 or 22" seat sizes), and the extra-wide castors are designed to meet the demands of heavy use. Wheelchair Heavy Duty is a quality option for anyone for a self-propelbariatric wheelchair. 

Net Price:R23582

Karma 8520 Heavy Duty Wheelchair:

  • It comes with detachable swing away footrests.
  • The wheel chair has flip-back armrests.
  • It comes with centre of gravity adjustment.
  • The wheel chair has wide profile casters.
  • Seat Size 20'' inch & 22'' inchTotal Weight 17 K.G.

Features :

  • Foldable, lightweight frame for easy portability.
  • Steel double cross-brace frame.Adjustable-tension back upholstery.
  • Armrests are padded, adjustable and removable.
  • Adjustable-length controller mount.Adjustable-tension back upholstery.
  • Swing-away footrests with heel loops.
  • Optional elevating leg rests sold separately.
  • Optional 2" seat depth extension sold separately.
  • Positioning belt included.
  • Padded back upholstery with storage pouch and cushioned seat.
  • Programmable controller.
  • Flat-free, non-marking tires.
  • Easy freewheel operation.
  • Manual wheel locks.
  • General foam seat cushion included.
  • Anti-tip wheels.

Many children with motor impairments benefit from using a shower chair that can be rolled into a roll-in shower.
In most cases, the roll-in shower will need to be customized, as most shower stalls have a lip or threshold that keeps the water in the stall. This lip cannot be navigated easily by a shower chair.  Families typically design roll-in showers as separate stalls without a lip, or families may simply place a drain in an open portion of the bathroom and use the entire bathroom as a shower area.

Wheelchair Shower come in a wide variety of styles, including bath chairs on trolleys, combination shower chairs with commodes, or bath chair-commode-trolley combinations. The most common style is a standard bath chair that can be placed on top of a cart or trolley to raise the height of the chair and make it mobile. The child can be transferred into the chair and simply rolled into the shower. Also common are one-piece units that combine an upright commode for toileting with a shower chair. 

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7:

Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 7 comes with lot of exiting features for elderly or physically challenged person who want commode in wheelchair. Karma Rainbow 7 has single seat with center cut commode having cushion cover on top and removable Pan With Lid And Handle. Rear Wheel Lock Facility and Tyre are Solid Tube Less

Net Price:R6615

Karma Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7 Features:

  • Frame Material : M.S.Chrome Plated
  • Single Seat with center cut commode 
  • Both Option Available In Single Seat
  • Plastic Commode Seat With Pot.
  • Cushioned Top Cover
  • Round Pan Commode Pan 
  • Removable Pan

Karma Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7 Measurements:

  • Frame Style : Foldable
  • Frame Material: M.S.Chrome Plated
  • Open Position Wheel To Wheel Width In : 26” (Inches) 
  • Seat Width : 18” (Inches)
  • Total Width in Closing Position: 11” (Inches)
  • Rear Wheel Size: 24”(Inches)
  • Front Wheel Size: 8” (inches)
  • Seat to Floor Height : 19”(inches)
  • Seat Depth : 18”(inches)Total Height : 34” (inches)
  • Max User Weight Capacity : 110 (kgs)
  • Net Weight : 19.5 (kgs)
  • Armrest: Fixed
  • Footrest: Fixed
  • Wheel Quality: Rear Tyre Solid Tube Less
  • Rear Wheel Lock: Yes
  • Hand Brakes: No
  • Drop Back Handle: NoPlastic Commode Seat With Pot.
  • Cushioned Top Cover
  • Round Commode Pan 
  • Removable PanPan With Lid And Handle
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