How Did Actor Suriya Rise To Fame?


Suriya though born of the father, who was a veteran actor in the Tamil film industry, did not have interesting in acting in the beginning. He was actually looking out for a chance to start a garment export company and so after completing his college finals, took a course in that niche. Then to get some experience, he worked in a firm for two years and it was during this time that he was picked up by the film director Vasanth and producer Maniratnam. With their initiatives he was able to enter into the industry in the year 1997.


Suriya is at present one of the highest paid actors of Tamil Nadu. After seeing his successes in the film industry, his younger brother Karthi also entered the film world. Suriya’s films of his initial days, Nerukku Ner, Friends and Nanda were huge success and he received state film award for the best actor for the film Nanda. He had an emotional role in the film. He acted as a teenager who returned from the rehabilitation center and trying hard to win the love and affection of his mother. He was originally arrested for murdering his father but later after his repentance he had to struggle to make the living of an ordinary man with basic necessities. His own mother hated him and he faced all those hardships and succeeded in winning back her love.


He acted in different roles of different ages for the film Vaaranam Aayiram. This was one of the films that he did with utmost commitment and he went through tough fitness regime and obtained a six pack muscles without any steroids for this film. When he acted in a role he transforms completely as that particular actor and for this natural acting style he obtained many awards that include Filmfare Awards and State Awards in the Best Actor Category.


He starred along with Jyotika, the famous and beautiful film actress in many films like Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. True love started to bud among them and after many years of love and admiration, they finally got married on 11th September 2006. It was during this time that Suriya photos and Suriya videos with Jyotika became popular among the youngsters. The couples who were showering their love in the film reels started to shower their love in real life also. They have one cute daughter Diya and son Dev.


He tested his strength in the Hindi film industry through the film Rakta Charitra. His fiction thriller 7m Arivu was one of the hottest films of 2011. He acted as a circus comedian and as the Bodhidharma the great scientist saint of 13th century. This film though appears to deal with supernatural elements, is blended with scientific reasoning and humor.


He contributes to the society through his Agaram Foundation which he started to help the school dropouts and underprivileged people who could not fund their education. His philanthropic efforts are extended to the Save the Tiger campaign and funds many other non-profit organizations such as REACH which helps to treat the TB victims. He is more a man than an actor at the first instance.

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