How Can We Defend Chicken Pox?


Chicken pox – one of the dreadful diseases that give bad marks on your face and body forever! Everyone fears chicken pox including me. But the advantage is that if it has happened to you once, it acts as a defense shield whole throughout your life. So, it’s always nice to get chicken pox during childhood or so. If so, its marks will disappear almost completely before he reaches youth. If it has not happened to you till your adult stage, it’s better to take vaccine to protect yourself against its bad marks. It’s a highly contagious disease that spreads easily during summer. Though it’s not life threatening, the condition is really worse as the patient can’t sit properly or sleep without body pain. Wounds and the pain it gives are really frightening. Till he baths, it’s better to keep distance from the affected person.


Chicken pox is spread by a type of virus. It transmits easily through coughing and sneezing. If you come into direct contact with the person’s skin more chances are there that you will be affected. I have often heard about patients sleeping in isolated rooms with a bunch of neem leaves in his hand.


It’s possible to defend chicken pox through vaccination, immuno globulin injection or through medicines. You can vaccinate all kids above 1 year old. It’s also effective for old people, persons prone to diseases and those ladies who are planning to become mother as a shield of protect her and her child. It can be given to people struggling from cancer, heart diseases, diabetics and health related problems. It takes two weeks for vaccine to become effective. But vaccine can never be used by pregnant ladies, persons having defects in defense mechanism of their body or those who have been using steroids for a long time. For kids, one doze medicine is sufficient. If it’s the case of adults, 2 dozes are needed in the time interval of 4 weeks.


In emergency conditions, to get quick result, immuno globulin injection is the best solution. It helps a lot the pregnant ladies, brides/grooms and kids preparing for exams. Even if they come into contact with affected persons, immuno globulin injection protects you. In case you have come into contact with an affected person, take immuno globulin injection within 4 days.


Antiviral medicines are not as effective as vaccination and immuno globulin injection.  Yet it can reduce the intensity and complex nature of chicken pox for sure.

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