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Nashik is one of the important cities in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Before the formation of Maharashtra it was a part of Bombay Presidency. The excavations at the Gangavadi riverbed assert the inhabitation in the early Stone Age. It is believed that the first Aryan settlement in India started here. At that time, the renowned sage Agastya is said to have established his hermitage on the bank of the river Godavari where Nashik is situated at present. His hermitage was then called as Janasthana. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ram with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman came to meet Agastya. When Shurpanaka, the sister of demon king Raavanan tried to seduce Ram, he cut her nose or Nashika at this place. So the city came to be called as Nashik. This is only an interesting story about its name and has no evidence in history.


Details about Gautamiputra Saatkarni of Saatkarni dynasty was founded in the Brahmi scripts in the cave Pandavleni. Mughal domination started in this place from 1487 A.D. There was a mention about Nashik in the book on the Mughal King Akbar, Ain-i-Akbari. Islam was introduced to this place through the sage Hazrat Peer Sayed Sadique Shah Hussaini Madni who came from Madina. He gave the name Gulshanabad to the city that means the city of roses. Fresh flowers were sent from Nashik to the court of Mughal King Aurangazeb.


Later in 1751 the control of the place again went into the hands of Peshwas. The Peshwas, Raghobadada and Anandibai made Nashik their hometown. The city was very beautiful with nine hills surrounding it namely Ganesh, Durga, Chitraganta, Pandav, Mhasarul, Konkani, Dinger Ali and Pathanpura.


Dev Mamaledar lived in Nashik in 19th century. He started his career as an ordinary clerk in revenue department and at that time a server famine broke out. He helped the people generously and led a virtuous life. People respected him as a saint and called him Yeshvantrav Maharaj. When he died in 1887, a small temple was built in his memory on the banks of the River Godavari.


The beautiful gardens, vineyards and magnificent palaces of Nashik attracted British and they took it over on 19th April 1818. The confusions of the Great Revolt of 1857 were felt in Nashik also and the struggle continued here for three years. Peace was restored in 1860 and the municipality of Nashik was formed in 1864.


On 21st December 1909, the Collector of Nashik, Jackson was shot to death by 17 years old revolutionary Anant Kanhere. He along with other conspirators, Krishnaji Gopal Karve and Vinayak Ramchandra Deshpande were sentenced to death and were hung on 7th March 1910. Nashik became a part of Bombay presidency after Indian independence and then the part of the Maharashtra state. You can learn more about the history and culture of the place through the Nashik photos and Nashik videos.


Time Line of Events Related to Nashik


1568 – Hazrat Peer Sayed Sadique Shah Hussaini Sarmast Madni Naqwi Chisti settled in Nashik and spread Islam.

1854 – The colony of Sharanpur was formed.

1861 – An Anglo-vernacular school was started.

1862 – Railway station was established.

1864 – The formation of Nashik municipality.

1863 – Nashik district was formed with its 13 taluks.

1894 – St. Andrew Church was built.

1909 – Jackson, the collector of Nashik was shot by freedom fighter Anant Kanhere.

1910 – Police training school was started.

1914 – Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj was started.

1922 – Distillery was established.

1927 – The security press was started at Nashik Road.

1930 – Nashik Satyagraha was launched by Dr. Ambedkar.

1932 – Ambedkar organized temple entry movement in Nashik to abolish untouchability.

1950 – The session of Indian National Congress was held at Nashik.

1955 – The press for printing government stationery was started by the Government of India.

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