History Of Andhra With Kalinga Kingdom


Kalinga Kingdom is very famous of all over kingdoms around the world and it is known as an ancient kingdom of India. That why Indians are very proud of this kalinga kingdom as it has participated in many wars and ruled out many places of Indian and even other countries among the world. But Kalinga’s mostly ruled the place Visakhapatnam for more times.

Kalinga kingdom is a part of Magadha Empire. At that time, it was ruled by Nandaraju and later by Mauryans. In the 4th Century BC, Chandra Gupta from Mauryan dynasty has under taken Magadha Empire. Then the Greek ambassador megasthene has arrived India and studied Indian customs, traditions and lifestyle of people by visiting different places. And thereafter he started writing epics about them.

In that book, Megasthene wrote about his Indian tour that “Indians are intelligent people. They used to live independently by working in their profession only. This is the main reason caused for development of India. Kalinga king is a very powerful in terms of emperors and He had 60,000 soldiers for war, 7000 Elephants and 1000 security guards”. This is the information at the time of Chandra Gupta Mauryan.

When the Ashoka has become a Mauryan king then he announced a war on Kalinga Kingdom. The war has become a big destruction and the Mauryan King Ashoka has got defeated. Number of people from both sides of the war has been died and some got injured. By seeing this destruction, Ashoka understood about the occurrence of loss in the war and he has adopted the way of peace and went in search of peace. Therefore, he has even adopted the peace and non-violence, finally converted to the religion of Buddhism.  Therefore, The King Ashoka has built Buddha stupa’s in Kalingandra at the  salihundam, vamsadhara, Ramatheertham, Neelavathi places. Those stupa’s were designed by Andhra Sculptures.

After the destruction of Mauryan Empire. On 225 BC to 200 AC, Andhra was under ruling of Salivahana’s. After salivahana’s, Andhra got split into few parts. Krishna River, Ekshvaku’s used to rule the place between Krishna and Godavari River. Kalinga’s used to rule between the Godavari in Andhra and Mahanadi River in Orissa.

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