Hidden Cameras - A Major Problem Of The Society


We use to say that God is everywhere even in pillars and iron. But now it has to be changed. Devils are also like that. It can appear anytime, anywhere. The name of this devil is Hidden camera.

People taking false advantage of developing technologies is increasing day by day in our society. Many stories have been heard about hidden cameras in hotels, textile shops and hospitals. But what can we do if we don’t have security in the bathroom of our own house? When technologies developed, women are unsafe.

Hidden cameras are available in many forms. They can be even in the form of shirt buttons, pen, flower or keychain. It is becoming a matter of concern as it is easily accessible to anyone. Anyone can easily get it from nearby electronic shops or through online shopping websites.

Camera even in bathroom

There was an incident, where an electrician fixed a camera and transmitter in neighbor’s bathroom while fixing water heater in their house. He fixed the receiver on top of his own house and given the connection straight to his computer. Wi-Fi cameras are also available on the market. Videos can be received through the waves transmitted by the camera. The number of such ruthless people is increasing every day in our society.

We should also give better attention when we call someone for works and all. We should not think that they will finish their work themselves. Any one member of the family should stand with them and supervise their works until it is over especially when bathroom plumbing works and bedroom electrical works.

Women are saying that they are even afraid to use the bathrooms in hotels in where they go in between their journey.  There are cameras available in the market which can record videos in high clarity. This makes women very conscious and afraid. 

Different types of hidden cameras

These cameras will be hidden inside things which are familiar to us in our day to day life. Thus it will be easy to be placed in a bedroom or a bathroom without people noticing them. There are many such cameras available in the market.

Flower top camera: This will be having HD video recording capacity and 8 GB memory.

Key chain camera: up to 32 GB memory. Very small camera about the size of the hole of a pen refill tube.

Camera eye wear: memory slot will be placed inside the leg of spectacles. Camera will be placed straight in front of the nose. It has 8 GB memory.

Stone spy camera: camera is placed inside a stone. Camera cannot be seen. We can feel it if we touch on its surface. It can record up to 20 hours.

Button camera: 4 GB camera that appears like one of the buttons of the shirt.

Table clock camera: Camera placed in a table clock that can record videos up to 8 meter distance and had 2.5 GB capacity. It is very hard to find this hidden camera.

As these situations exist in our society, we should always be alert especially women. Hidden camera locators are available in the market which can be used to locate hidden cameras. Dressing room mirrors can be identified if they are visible from the other side by turning off the lights in the room and emit the mobile lights through the mirror. If the mirror is that type, which can be visible through the other side, we will be able to see the other side when we emit the mobile light through them.

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