Helping Hand For Physically And Retarded People


A lady carrying a kid walking on the track, and train coming towards them. All the villagers who were seeing this were in a shock and expecting something bad is going to happen. The villagers calmed down when they saw the lady getting down of the track. But where was the kid?? He was on the railway track and the lady went away running into the bushes. A woman saved that kid, that kid was mentally and physically retarded, he was unable to move and say anything. Who will take care of this child??


A mentally retarded girl was laying in between dogs in Raichoot, A boy was found in the church area in Thirupati, who will take care of them?? Any lady who does not have children will take care of the child who is fit and healthy thinking that it is God’s gift. But who will take care of such children who are mentally retarded? No one will come forward even if God comes and gifts.


Thaslim Sulthana, an ordinary female who was born in poverty and got educated with lot of difficulties. Her father was a tailor who had 6 children and wanted all of them to study well. But his poverty pushed him into disappointment. But Thaslim Sulthana had a stubborn nature to achieve. She filled her stomach with her studies. Her father was happy to see her and was saying to everyone that “My daughter will become a doctor” but she was in such a position that she completed her degree without sipper and with train monthly pass of Rs 30. She achieved college first; she did a special education course in women’s college. At that time she got introduced to a new world. By doing part time jobs, she complete her MSc, again did B.Ed, M.Ed but was not satisfied and was unable to come out that world. She did Phd on abnormal children.


She worked for a trust for 3 years, she got a government job. But she could not work for more than 2 years. The way that children behave, the way they talk to her, all these were always rotating in her mind. Once she met 2 old people who were taking care of such children and got attracted to them. That day she decided that it was her life.


Some of them beat, some of them call “amma”, and some of them talk unnecessarily, and laugh unnecessarily.  No one can understand the language they talk and predict the way they behave. But she thinks that it is her luck that she has got this opportunity to work for them. It is the gift of God to her. Putting the entire burden on God, she is serving them and enjoying complete satisfaction.

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Helping hand for physically and retarded people


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