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To increase memory power eat Carrot and Spinach

As we are growing towards modern world, then more different kind of diseases are introduced to us. Dementia is one kind of disease which affects our memory power, thinking ability, judgment and behavior. Earlier this disease was only found in the old people, but its symptoms are now also seen in the age of 50. It has been found out that Carrot and Spinach are the vegetables which are very helpful in memory improvement and some elements are also helpful in avoiding Dementia. In old people, this disease creates lot of problems in them. This disease affects the old people in temperament, thinking ability, concentration decreases. This disease is found in the people having age from 60 to 95. Dementia is found in the people, just because there is huge deficiency of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene. Carrot and Spinach are having enough of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene and regularly consumption of Carrot and Spinach will avoid the formation of dementia in the human beings.


Heart beat will charge the pacemaker

There is very good news for the heart patients. Now Heart Patients will not have to have operation in frequently for changing the cells of Pacemaker, rather now the energy produce from heart beat will be able to charge the pacemaker. Sometimes, operation of children is also done to put pacemaker, so for them too, it’s very good news. Pacemaker will also have a long life. This technology is like a boon to heart patients.


Flu virus found

Now it would be possible for the doctors to have the medicine for Flu, as the virus affecting the people are found. The identification of flu virus is been done. Now the vaccine of flu would become very easy. Flu is one disease which has affected millions of people around the world. When the infection spreads, flu is one disease which creates lot of problem to people. The identification which is done would be very helpful in fighting with flu. Flu is the disease which affects 5 lakhs of people in the year and most of them are children.

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