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Women are at risk of cancer

The present day lifestyle of women has put them at risk of suffering from cancer and other such diseases more than ever before. They are at risk of becoming victims of dreaded diseases, which need costly treatments. Beside the hectic day, job stresses, traffic hazards and crimes against them make them more unsecured. The present conditions prompt them to go for health insurance policies to safeguard them from financial burdens, which they may face any time. To cover women from such risks there are different products offered by different companies according to specific needs of women, which they may choose what suits them best. Let’s have a look at few such products-

Insurane cucm investment plan

The particular plan launched especially for women by a private company offers to cover complications during pregnancy, congenital conditions and cancer in women with options to waive off payment of premium in serious health related problems of working insured women and still providing funds, an added advantage. The premium ranges in between Rs. 24,000 -100,000 with tenure ranging from 10-15 years. The policy provides women a good opportunity to save her money at the same time cover her health related risks.

Illness plan for critical cases   

This particular plan is for women ranging in age group of 25-55 with critical diseases offered by a private insurance company that covers problems like fallopian tube’s cancer, uterus/cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, paralysis and burn with 100% cover. The company also covers women Spina bifida, tracheoesophageal fistula and Down’s syndrome along with problems at the time of childbirth for 50% medical bills with conditions. The sum assured ranges in between Rs.50,000 to 200,000  and premium ranges starting from Rs.5,500 depending upon age and amount insured besides other terms and conditions. There is a condition in the policy that says that payment in full shall be made if the insured woman lives for at least 30 days after the treatment is over.

Other Plans

The biggest company providing life insurance in our country has a special policy based on the needs of women for their specially designed benefits called Jeevan Bharti -1 that provides accidental as well as congenital disability benefits as optional riders. Women have additional advantages of survival benefit encashment, facility to pay advance premium, auto cover and option of claiming maturity amount in form of annuity. 

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