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Your expectations from spouse

World today is changing and so changing the way of married life, you cannot not live with old ways to keep your marriage intact. It is wise to mend your ways to cope with changing world. If you care for your married life, change your expectations from your spouse according to demand of time. We used to hear that couples should not carryover their misunderstandings for next day but solve them before going to bed.

However, the values and fundamentals are no more same, there is no need to discuss about it on an urgent basis. You can do it while you are comfortable and ready to take a right decision, just why waste your night while you can do it next day with better understanding. The education has changes women and their way of thinking therefore, they do not want to be taken lying down but wish to have their say on equal basis.

Changing times

Women used to follow their husbands blindly and the words of husband used to be final for them, now with changing times they, the women think differently and want to spend their life according to their own choice or at least be part of the decision making process. Maybe the place you suggested for next outing does not suits your wife and she has some other places in her mind or maybe she planned to visit the place with her own friends or coworkers in place of you accompanying her. Let her take her own decisions in matters like these to keep your married life going smoothly.

Women love their shopping

The most common complaints of women includes that their husbands take no interest in their shopping programs, perhaps that is one of the biggest turnoff  for men to watch their ladies spending lot of time on inspections in different shops without even purchasing any item. Men enter into a fixed shop for their shopping and purchase their required item while women spend more time on counters without even knowing what they are looking for!

It is better to suggest your wife to go with their friends who can accompany her in such shopping sprees. There are one hundred and one different small matters, which take an ugly shape if not sorted out with better understanding. Handle these with care and understanding to make your married life happy and easy going.

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Suny says - cordination is best way to keep your marriage intact.

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