Greatest Architects Of Indian Cinema


Architect is someone who creates some beautiful creation new using his talent and imagination. If it’s the case of a movie, full credits go to its director who himself is the captain of the ship who controls each and every action and he is the main determinant of all its factors. So, as we are celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema, let us point out who are those best creators whom we call ‘Director’.


Satyajit Ray – he is often addressed as the ‘Father of modern Indian cinema’. Why not? Through his talent, he accumulated 32 National awards as well as many international awards. His Bengali movie, Pather Panchali - the first Indian movie to get international appreciation is widely regarded as the best Indian movie till now.   


Mrinal Sen – A beautiful artist who showed Indian society and common man through his movies. Like Satyajit Ray his films too gained international acclamation. He has his own political definitions that are well exhibited in his movies too. In many movies, he made Kolkata a living character.  Shuvam Shome, Mriyaga and Ek din pratidin are his masterpiece works.


Bimal Roy – Perhaps the most talented director of Bollywood. He holds maximum Filmfare awards as well. Do bheega zameen, telling the story of poor peasants in a classic. He was equally verse in realistic as well as comedy movies. Madhumati was one such trendsetter movie of Bollywood that popularized the theme of incarnation in Indian movies.


Guru Dutt – Throughout his life, this genius’ work remained underestimated. Despite being a classic, India’s first cinemoscope movie, Kaagaz ka phool was a box office flop. It’s not the case of a single movie only. Many of his movies began to be categorized under classic, not while he was alive, but after he passed away at a comparatively younger age. His movies always stayed in a bridge in between offbeat and commercial works. Pyaasa, Saheb biwi aur Ghulam and Chaudwin ka chand are a few such works.


Shyam Benegal – He entered film industry with the classic, Angoor in 1973. After that, how many milestone movies has he contributed to film world! He was one of those early directors of parallel cinema. Top theatre artists of India were wisely used to create magic onscreen.


Ritwik Ghatak – Another Bengali genius who contributed a lot to Indian cinema. India’s first art cinema was Nayak (1952), but released only after his death in 1977. His talents are always compared with his contemporaries - Mrinal Sen and Satyajit Ray.


Shantaram – One of the great directors of Hindi and Marathi cinema. He played the lead role in his movie, Do aakhen barah haath. He is one among those early directors of Indian cinema who defined what film making really is. 

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