Great Revolutions Without Bloodshed


How is it possible to make great revolutions without the use of violent weapons or bloodshed? Yes, of course, it is. Through this article I would like to briefly sketch a few successful revolutions with peaceful methods, yet benefitted to millions of common man.

Green revolution – Dwarf seed of wheat developed by scientist Norman Borlaug for Rock Feller Foundation of US, paved way to green revolution all over the world. Those wonder seeds produced at CIMMYT of Mexico reached different parts of the world. Thus this modern technique method led to green revolution all over the world. The findings that it’s possible to produce fertilizers needed for plants growth became a crucial factor in developing chemical fertilizers. With the invention of electricity and invention of machines paved way to a high production in agricultural goods all over the world.        

As a result of high increase in production, developed countries began to search new markets in developing and under developed countries. They competed one another to sell goods as well as to accumulate more raw materials from developing nations. It resulted in established of many colonies in different parts of the world and what more! It led to World wars as well!

Green revolution in India – Let us begin with our home country. Though green revolution started in India at early 1960’s, it became active with the period 1966-1969. When modern technology, chemical fertilizers and high quality seeds were used for producing agricultural goods, it was something like a revolution in this field.  Both transportation medium and irrigation projects were increased to get better output and very soon, India became one of the best food producers of the world. C. Subramaniyan was the minister then. The full credits of green revolution go to scientist, Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, who is known as Father of Green Revolution in India.

Milk revolution – Following the footsteps of green revolution in India, certain reforms were made in milk production in India. Whole credits go to Verghese Kurien, who made India number one milk producing country of the world. Initiated in Anand of Gujarat during early 1970’s milk revolution spread throughout India.

Revolution in Kerala – Industrial revolution began to make an impulse in Kerala during middle 1930’s. Punaloor paper mill and textile factory of Kollam were first two main factories. Electric power station at Pallivasal, FACT, Glass factory of Alapuzha, Ceramix factory of Kundara and Rubber factory of Thiruvananthapuram followed these revolutions.

Blue revolution, Golden revolution, Grey revolution, Silver revolution, Brown revolution and Rainbow revolutions are also a few more blood free revolutions of the world. 

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Revolutions and reforms should be for the benefit of people, not for conquering land and nations!

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