God Provides The Wind But Man Must Raise The Sails


A man can take his horse to the river but it is up to the horse to take the major decision- whether to drink or just refuse. Similarly God gives us what is right for us, but it is we who must make the best use of it. Thus goes the saying- God provides the wind but man must raise the sails.


People cry over their ill fate, failures, difficulties, desperation, inabilities and so on. The worst fact is that they blame god for all their failures. They say that they were born only to fail in whatever attempts they make. But this is a wrong mentality. No man is born to fail. Everyone is born along with a package of talents and enormous potential to excel in certain fields. The key to success is nothing but the activation and stimulation of our potential and nothing more.


“Opportunity never knocks twice at any man’s door”- this is the proverb we have been hearing since our childhood but have never bothered to extract its invaluable essence. People fail to understand that opportunity is more valuable than money. You cannot buy opportunity through money but you can make money through opportunities. But only fools don’t make use of this. This is why some shine and others cry.


Earlier, ships travelled at the mercy of the wind. The simple mechanism involved in it was that the sails increase the surface on which the wind exerts force, thus moving the ship forward towards its destination. If the sailor wants to travel he cannot sit there and wait for god to come and take him to his destination. God will help him sure, but he will do it indirectly. Whenever the wind blows, it is the sailor’s responsibility to raise the sails and use his opportunity to the maximum.


God has provided us various sources in the form of nature. But nature itself is not perfect in all ways and cannot be used by man directly. He must sweat a little and work to modify these resources to suit his needs. In order to do this he must grab whatever opportunities he gets in life.

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