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Jackets with saris

Trends are changing fast, now three piece suits are not limited for men only but girls too are wearing jackets with traditional dress like saris, salwar and kurta or even lahenga & choli. Although waistcoats for girls are not different from short coats worn by girls but they have made many changes in designs and the way women wearing the same.

You need a right one for perfect look

You must select a right jacket according to your other clothes to look perfect and carry yourself well. You must study a few points before selecting a jacket to match with particular set of clothes to carry yourself in style and confidence.

You can categories these ethnic and embellished jackets in three different groups and sizes namely-

Long length- Long jackets are knee length, which go well with sari or lahnga in contemporary style.

Medium length- Medium length jackets are thigh length, which are available in traditional and modern designs and different patterns.

Short length- Short length jackets are doing wonderfully well these days due to their usefulness and multiple purposes going well with different outfits. These jackets are available in blouse length, bigger or smaller to suit your dresses and give them a traditional or modern look.

How to pair your jacket

With sari- You can wear a tailored or jacket or a blazer with a sari according to your choice but keep in mind that you should not wear a heavy embroidered jacket with heavy sari or light jacket with light sari but a contrast. A heavy jacket with heavy sari would make you look overdone hence spoil your look and style.

With suits- Jackets go well with normal suits and anarkali suits alike provided you have selected colors in contrast. However a golden and silver color embroidered jacket is a perfect match for any outfit without any problem.

With Lahenga- If you are willing  to carry this traditional dress in Indo-western style, go for any length jacket as long, medium and short all can combined well with all types and to top it all you can very well select a heavy looking jacket with heavily embroidered lahenga-choli with just on precaution- the jacket should have a feminine look.

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