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Girija who is 34 years old lives in Bangalore city, she works as a Auto Driver. In the country like India, females are not allowed to all types of works, a female serving her services as a auto driver is not a simple thing, she has to face lot of objections from the society and family. The same happened with Girija.

She used to work in garments; long hours of standing and long hours works would make her more tired. She used to get no time to spend with her child, she did not like this. Then she decided to do something of her own. Then a though arose in her about driving a auto. She immediately joined the classes to learn the driving, secured a license for driver. In the early days she faced objections from her husband, but without caring about all these she started her career as a auto driver. From the year 2012 she is working as a driver, she even has to face many problems from her neighbors and surroundings. But too she being a strong and stubborn female never cared for all these.

After starting her career, she is getting more time to spend with her family, thought her husband objected her, later he started encouraging her. Firstly she used to earn less, but later after gaining experience slowly her income starting increasing, she started earning 1000 rs per day, now she is earning hand full of money. Girija says “Driving is not so easy job, I had faced many problems, I did not k now many places and the way to reach to them in this big city, but now I have become more comfortable and know each and every place in Bangalore”

Starting from 2012 to till date she is running a rented auto for which she has to pay some rent, but not Girija got sanctioned with the loan from government of Rs 1.56 lakhs and now she is going to purchase a new auto of her own, by which she is going to get rid of paying rent to auto.

All the very best Girija.

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