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No one can easily forget the classic comedy of 1958 – Chalti ka naam gaadi. It was for the first time in Bollywood, three real-life brothers worked as heroes for a single movie. The elder brother was Ashok Kumar, the second brother Anoop Kumar and the third one – everyone’s favourite Kishore Kumar. The movie was a huge hit and still remembered for its evergreen songs like Ek ladki bheegi bhagi is, Chalti ko kehti hai gaadi and Paanch rupayya baara ana. It was one among those rare movies of Bollywood where real life couple Madhubala and Kishore Kumar was paired. Ganguly brothers later worked together in Kishore Kumar’s directorial venture - Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi, a comedy film. The movie was titled as a parody name to their previous hit – Chalti ka naam gadi.


The brothers were born in Ganguli family of Bengal to Kunjaal Ganguli, a lawyer. They had one elder sister as well. The elder brother Ashok Kumar, fondly called Dada Muni was a bit elder to the rest two and he was seen in father’s position by his younger brothers. Yet he survived than both his younger brothers. Kishore Kumar died on his elder brother’s birthday in 1987. Since then Ashok Kumar has never celebrated his birthday till his death. Ashok Kumar was the first successful hero of Bollywood whose Achhut Kanya was the first major hit of Indian talkies. His pairing with Devika Rani was quite popular in the 1930s.


Both the younger brothers followed their brother’s steps to step into the industry. Anoop Kumar couldn’t replicate the success of his elder brother while the younger brother, Kishore Kumar though struggled a lot, established himself as the biggest singing star of Bollywood. Among the three brothers Kishore is most popular. Though he entered film as an actor cum comedian and directed a few movies as well, he tasted the real success as a singer. Since 1970s, he completely dominated Mohammed Rafi and other playback singers and remained in the top position till his death. But throughout 1950s and 1960s he had to struggle a lot in the industry. Bollywood music is incomplete without great Kishoreda.


Among the three brothers the first one to go was Kishore Kumar who died of heart attack while he was engaged in giving a surprising birthday gift to his elder brother. He was only 58 then and at the peak of his career. Anoop Kumar passed away in 1997 aged 71 and legendary actor Ashok kumar in 2001, aged 90.  

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