From The Father's Heart

We did not evolve,
Nor just come forth by chance.
Nor did we spring up for beauty,
Just down here, for the earth to enhance.
But we were created for purpose,
Sculptured by the master’s hand.
To show forth God’s great wisdom.
In the height and breath of this land.
We were made God’s caretakers.
With wisdom to grown and expand.
And O what an awesome privilege,
To be an instrument in God’s great hands.
He awaken our souls with brightness.
Of the future we got a glance.
But when we were introduced to Jesus,
Our feet began to dance.
Everyday there are new revelations,
And the Spirit is live and well.
And our souls are still rejoicing,
For we were redeemed from hell.
We are God’s testimony.
His story we must tell.
That Jesus died for all sinners.
And at His resurrection, He snatched the keys from hell.
So lift your voice with gladness.
For He knocketh at your door.
And receive His invitations,
To live with Him forever more.
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A woman That speaks to the hearts and souls through writing.

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