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The present is the age of virtualization. No matter where you are living and business that you do, unless you have the strong online presence, you cannot even think of making the most of your business. Hyper Text Markup Language, commonly known as HTML, is one of the most commonly used terms that is associated with the world of website development. However, as internet in terms of popularity and came up several other scripts and languages that overshadowed the HTML. It was not much longer that website developers started looking to CSS and JavaScript amongst other technologies for creating far powerful, scalable and robust websites. The demand for HTML went down until recently.      

HTML 5 refers to revitalized form of HTML and has soon captured the fancy of web developers and designers all over the globe. Although the latest version of HTML is still not developed completely but has emerged as the hottest technology in the world of web development. Going by what experts have to suggest, the latest version will soon capture the major segment of the market, thus replacing several other web technologies. In other words, it will bring one single platform for browsers. You can avail the services offered by Web Design India if you want to make the most of your online business. If you are thinking about what all the hype is about then read on to find out about a few features of the latest technology.

  • Drag and drop – The feature is already being used in Gmail at the time when attachments are being done, and it will be all likely used in more and more sites. This is considered as one of the best options for Ecommerce.
  • Playing songs is now possible even if there is no plug-in or flashback – This particular feature has brought a drastic revolution not only for desktop browsers but also for those who access websites using mobile phone. There is no denying in the fact that not all mobile phones come with Flash. However, with HTML5, users can stream and view content directly on their mobile.
  • Geolocation – It is one of the hottest topics in the virtual world of the internet. Some people find browsing extremely easy whereas there are others who have certain issues with the intrusive nature of browser on the basis of location.  HTML 5 makes use of diverse technologies for identifying the location making it a useful option for web developers.  
  • Offline storage lets web information and applications to be stored on computer – It is this feature that lets you cache websites so that your potential visitors can visit your website again and see the pages even if net is connected.

Besides above slated, there are several other features that come along with HTML5. It also helps in responsive web design. If you are looking for Responsive Web Design Company then let your search come to an end with Om Web Technologies and get the best of the services when it comes to HTML 5 development.

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