For Beautiful Structure

For beautiful structure

Great importance has been grown for beauty. To achieve a good job or to achieve higher position in career looking beautiful is become a plus point, then what about people who are not beautiful? Getting beautiful structure is now possible by using developed technology.

Change in food, lack of exercise and high tensions has shown effect on the structure of the body. Some look older in young age. There will be many different types of cholesterol in body like HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, VLDL, etc. amount these HDL cholesterol is said to be good cholesterol. Other than this all other cholesterol is harmful when there percentage increases in the body. Such cholesterol will be identified by the doctors and give treatment. Most of the Indians have more bad cholesterol and less good cholesterol.

How to find out obesity:

Two important things to be considered in obesity are height and weight. This is called BMI. Secondly waist size which is very important. Waist size for males should be 36 inches and for females should be 32 inches, if this increases then it is said to be dangerous.

Non surgical liposuction:

Non surgical liposuction is a process where they remove fat by sending ultrasonic rays to the part where the fat is decided to remove. Fat formed on Tummy, thighs, hips and arms will be removed by using this liposuction. This treatment is given weekly twice, by which 10 to 15 kgs fat is removed.

Weight will come down soon when water level is more in the body. So its advised to drink more and more water.

Stretch skin and marks:

 After delivery of the baby, usually a woman faces stretch marks on stomach. These stretch marks is caused because when the baby grows the skin near the stomach stretch and comes to normal after delivery. Now these marks can also be removed and make the skin as normal by using. There is also treatment to remove black spots, pimples, callus, tattoos, increase our complexion.

Unwanted hair:

Usually female faces the problem of unwanted hair, hair loss, now we do have treatment for these also. Not only for males but this treatment is also for males. There will be no side effects and we can find the results very soon.

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