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Aamir Khan is considered to be the perfectionist of Indian film industry because he fits into any role that comes his way in a perfect manner. He tasted his first success through the legendry film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak meaning disaster to disaster. This was filmed in 1988 and is the one of his masterpieces to date. When a girl was loved, made pregnant and deserted by her lover Ratan who refuses to marry her, one of her two brothers kills the man and goes to jail. Later his own son Raj falls in love with Rashmi, a relative of their enemy Ratan. Their marriage arrangements were stopped on the revelation of the truth and the two young lovers goes to live in seclusion. Her father arranges for henchman to kill him but his daughter was accidentally killed. Raj did not want to live without her and kills himself. The lovers unite in their death.


Taare Zameen Par meaning Stars on Earth is all about a dyslexic boy of 8 years old named Ishaan. Aamir Khan played the part of his art teacher who helps him out of his difficulty. He takes up the challenge of making people believe that the boy is having learning difficulties but not low in intelligence as all people believe. Every child that comes to this earth could be said as a star and has its own talent which only has to be polished properly. The film ends with Ishaan getting first prize in the painting competition proving him to be an intelligent boy.


His all time masterpiece is Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India. This film is all about India and its village life during the Victorian era when it was colonized by British. The poor villagers were unable to bear the taxes imposed by British. They were challenged by an officer that if the village team could win in the cricket match against the British team, they will be granted their wish. The story goes on to say how Aamir Khan struggles to form a team and how his goals are thwarted by the girl who loves her one-sidedly.


Rang De Basanti is yet another film that won lots of positive remarks and this is all about the filming a documentary involving the life of five Indian freedom fighters. Chandrasekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru, Ashafaqulla Khan and Ram Prasad Bismil are the five freedom fighters. During the process, one of them was murdered and the murderer was investigated and found out in the end.


The biggest grosser of 2011 and the biggest grosser ever in the history of the Indian film industry is 3 Idiots. This film is about three engineering college students who are labeled as idiots by their college principal nicknamed virus. One among them is Aamir Khan and unexpectedly all the three students grow to great heights and Aamir Khan greatest of them all. This film made Aamir Khan photos and Aamir Khan videos were worshipped among the film enthusiasts.

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