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Getting old does not become an issue in fitness.  In fact, fitness is a topic of concern.  So even after attaining their adult age, people should pay attention to fitness.  Of late, we can read online or hear from the news papers that there are definitely a lot of old people with ages of seventy and beyond and still are able to do fine in their activities related to fitness.  


The fact that people who are over seventy and above are able to do fine in their activities related to fitness only shows us that fitness for aged people can definitely be pursued safely and successfully. The normal worries for old people are their problems with health that are related with their developed age. Their bodies may also be not that healthy as they were when they were still youthful.


Any young person needs to be careful and be cautious in following their goals if any they might have set for their fitness.  Similarly, in order to keep fit, aged people should also be knowledgeable about how they can exercise safely. Before beginning any exercise, it will always be better to consult your family doctor first whether you as an elderly person can safely do a particular exercise or not.


If you consult your family doctor, you can easily find out what physical activities are all right to carry out and how severe or mild these activities should be. Alternatively, by speaking with your family doctor, you can find out the ideal exercises for aged people.  Aerobic exercises and muscle strengthing are the two best activities that aged people have to do on a weekly basis to improve health or keep healthy.


If you are not in a situation that limits your movement then reasonably powerful aerobic activities may be done daily. Such aerobic actiities can be something like cycling or fast walking for about two to three hours in a week.  Other activities of reasonable intensity are volleyball, pushing the mower on the lawns, dancing and water aerobics. These activities allow you work hard, the heart rate increases and you produce sweat. 


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