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The Monsoons are here! As we gear up for the monsoons, we see shopkeepers protecting their wares from the rains, mothers running behind their kids coaxing them to get into raincoats, electronic junkies protecting their mobiles, tablets and laptops from moisture. But what about our eyes?

Our eyes are vulnerable to a host of infections and conditions like conjunctivitis (pink eye), stye, ulcers on the cornea or outer clear layer of the eye, etc. Here are some eye care tips that will help you take care of your eyes this monsoon.

  • Avoid opening your eyes directly under rain water. Though rain water per se is clean, that which slides off buildings or has absorbed atmospheric pollutants can harm your eyes.

  • “Styes or infections of the glands of the eyelids are also quite common in the rainy season. Use a warm compress to obtain relief from the pain and swelling”, says, Dr Vandana Jain, an eye specialist, Mumbai.

  • Wash your hands especially before you touch your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes especially with unclean hands.

  • If a family member is suffering from an eye infection, do remember to keep his/her linen separate. Wash your hands after administering eye drops. You may ask your eye specialist for preventive antibiotic eye medications.

  • Eye Specialists in Navi Mumbai caution against the use of over-the-counter eye drops without supervision as they may contain steroids.

  • Do not share eye makeup. If you have an eye infection, replace the old makeup after you have been cured of it. Always use good brands for eye makeup products.

  • Do remember to maintain personal hygiene after kids have played in puddles and water logged areas.

  • Use protective glasses when you are exposed to strong winds to prevent drying out of the eyes.

If you are a contact lens user,

Do not use your contact lenses when you have an eye infection. After you have recovered, do remember to clean your lens thoroughly before you put it back in your eyes.

Do not share your contact lens cases or solutions.

  • Contact your eye specialist, the minute you notice red eyes, watery eyes or discharge from your eyes.

  • Use sun glasses with UV protection whenever you are outdoors, even if it is a cloudy day.

This monsoon, protect your eyes while you enjoy the magic of the monsoons. Do not hesitate to contact your Eye Specialist in Navi Mumbai.

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