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Ambarampalayam is a village located about six kilometres from Pollachi and forty one kilometres from Coimbatore.  It is on the way to Anamali Hills.  It is a small, beautiful village.  It owes its beauty to the  Azhiyaru river that flows through it.  There is a famous Dharga known as Chandsa Vali Allah Dargah.  This Dargah is located on the banks of the river and so it is always cool and breezy.


Ambarampalayam was my summer resort during  summer holidays when I was in shcool.   I fondly remember the days I spent there.  Being born and brought up at Ooty, a hill station, I resented going down to plains during summer holidays.  But because of the beauty of the Ambra river and the joyful dives there with friends I started looking forward to it.    My mother was a good swimmer who taught us a little bit of swimming, but she really made us grow bold when she rinsed my sister’s and my long hair in the river after a bath.  We had to hold her legs tightly, while she made us lie flat on our backs on the surface of water.  She used to rinse at least for 5 minutes during which time, water entered our mouths and nose if we were not careful.


The river always flows full to its brim during summer as it is located in rain fed areas.  The water is crystal clear during summer.  The fish swimming in the water, the small round multi coloured pebbles, green water plants can be easily seen from the surface.  This adds to the beauty of the river.  The coconut trees and other trees provide shade to people and animals.  The locals come there for bathing and washing.  Yet, they have a sacred feeling towards the river and so do not litter the banks.  This makes the place lovable.  People from the nearby towns come to take a plunge during hot summer to this river.


The Alwa hospital located in this village is a boon to the people in and around Pollachi and the local people.  Earlier they had to rush to Pollachi hospitals in times of emergency.  This is a fully equipped speciality hospital with Doctors specialised in different fields.


The addition of the Ambra River Resorts has given the village an elevation in its reputation.  It provides good amenities and services to tourists at a reasonable rate.  Other tourist places like Valparai, Anamalai Hills, Top Slip which is home to various wildlife species are located in easy access from this resort.  This is an ideal place for stay with friends and family.


So, it really gives me a great feeling.  The village where I enjoyed my childhood days has become a tourist attraction and its beauty will continue to grow!

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