Engineer Is Best Choice As A Husband But No Politician


Politician for a hubby

No way, the politician perhaps is the last choice or no choice for most girls in our country as a husband. Most girls think that politicians are likely to forget even their ‘seven sacred promises’ they commit in front of ‘holy fire’ at the time of marriage the way they forget their promises they make while they campaigning for elections. Girls feel that politicians look better begging votes, not hands of girls for marriage purpose.

Girls prefer engineers

According to preferences, engineers top the list, doctors stand at second spot even teachers are not a bad choice since the salaries have gone up considerably, lots of vacations, fewer working hours, peaceful life and safe promotions. I am afraid but managers come at number four that too if the person is engaged by a multi national company by the way, the category consists of bank employees, IPS, PCS and other corporate workers.

No politicians please

Have you ever scene a marriage site on internet or matrimonial columns in a newspaper, did you ever see an advert asking for a politician as their choice or an advert coming from a politician boy? I wonder how they manage to find a wife with such an attitude of girls rejecting them outright. Politicians are big no, no for most girls.     

Girls are looking for in a husband

The would be bridegroom should be good looking, good earning, tall, handsome, color okay, non-smoker, non-drinker clean shaven and living separately from his family. The girls would not consider a politician even if he has all these qualities because they do not find them trustworthy. According to girls most politicians are either illiterate or their education is up to a low level. The ones who come from higher families of politicians are out of reach of common girls so no consideration otherwise which girl would not like to marry a Gandhi, Sindhiya or Chidambaram for that matter.

Most politicians are moneyed people and can afford to purchase any thing but as far as marriage is concerned, they have to look into their own community of politicians as most girls find them as non-eligible. Perhaps that is one of the reasons people avoid a carrier in politics despite the profession considered a powerful one. 

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