Easily Adjust Wrist & Forearm Splint With Thumb

Wrist and Forearm Splint is designed to immobilize and provide firm and comfortable support to hand and wrist in various orthopedic conditions. It maintains the wrist in the functional position. Tynor's Wrist & Forearm Splint Right/Left Extra Large is made out of very sturdy PUF fused fabric & malleable, anatomically shaped splints. Designed for perfect support & immobilization of wrist & forearm. 

Tynor Wrist & Forearm Splint Right/Left is designed to provide comfortable and firm support to the wrist as well as to the forearm. It effectively works during various orthopedic conditions. It will keep the wrist in the functional position and speed up the recovery process. It will feel comfortable and relieved after applying this wrist and forearm support. 

The PUF fused fabric provide comfortable and smooth feel which does not cause any rashes on the skin. It allows proper ventilation system to the skin area and also the skin to breathe properly. It has aluminum splints which are easy to remove and apply as well as offers a better grip and a snug fit. It also has long length that will permit the easy movement. This brace enables free finger movement. It has a hook loop closure system which provides optimal compression and it can easily adjust it as per the requirement. Its brace has an in-built thumb opening which keeps the thumb relaxed and free from pressure.

Tynor Wrist and Forearm Splint Right-Left is designed to immobilize and provide firm and comfortable support to hand and wrist in various orthopedic conditions. It maintains the wrist in the functional position.Aesthetically appealing.Customizable splint.Perfect immobilization.Controlled compression.Anatomical thumb opening.

Tynor Wrist & Forearm Splint (Right/Left) Features

Made out of PUF fused Matty fabric

  • BreathableExcellent aesthetics
  • Improved comfortEnhanced life.

Removable, Aluminum Splints


  • Customized fitting
  • Required degree of dorsi-flexion can be achieved
  • Very good grip and immobilization


Design features


  • Long length of the brace, ensures enhanced immobilization
  • Brace abuts the Palmer crease , allows free finger movement.
  • Elegant tabs , allow easy application and removal
  • Elegant tabs, also enhance the aesthetics of the product.
  • Black Color, enhances the aethetics


Hook loop closures

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Ensures optimal compression ,

Built in opening for thumb abduction


  • Better pain relief and healing.
  • Thumb remains relaxed, no fatigue
  • Improves comfort


Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb is designed to support, protect and partially immobilise the wrist and the palm while allowing free and natural movement of the fingers. It compresses the area and retains the body heat to allay local pain and inflammation.

Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb is created to reinforce, prevent and partially immobilize the wrist and the palm. This wrist brace allows natural and free activity of the fingers. It keeps the affected area compact and maintains the body heat to lessen the local pain inflammation. Its has high quality striped elastic webbing which provides high modulus of elasticity which gives the comfortable feel. It is made from the strong, durable, porous and a comfortable material which remains for a long time.

This Wrist Brace provides excellent compressive strength and support to the wrist. Its Hook loop closures allow easy application and removal. It fits comfortably around the wrist and comes in universal sizing. It also has an anatomical thumb opening which fastens the healing process. It keeps the thumb in relaxed and comfortable position. Its extra porous material allows the proper ventilation to the affected skin.


  • Wrist and Thumb injuries.
  • Injuries of the metacarpal.
  • Early cast removal.
  • Fracture management.
  • Post-surgical protection and rehabilitation.
  • Management of arthritic conditions of the wrist.
  • Bursitis, Tendonitis, Tensosynovitis.
  • Psychological assurance.
  • Post extensor tendon repair surgery.
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