Drone Service At Your Doorsteps

Drone service for delivery
How would you feel if someone tells you that the order you placed online will be delivered in minutes at your door steps? Yes that’s right! It sounds strange though but the fact is OM UAV Systems the indigenous drone manufacturing company has a wide range of drones that can cover a distance starting from 2.5 km to 40 km. (Flying time range 15 minutes to3 hours).   

OM UAV Systems in India
For the time being the existing models manufactured by OM UAV Systems run on battery but they have plans to manufacture machines running on petrol which will save the operational cost. The best part of the story is that the delivery of goods/ service will be available round the clock as the drones are fitted with zoom lens and night vision cameras.

At Your Doorsteps
So, don’t be surprised if your call bell rings at midnight and you see a drone standing at your door to deliver you your Birthday gift. They will commence the service as soon they get spectrum approved by telecom Ministry of India that is needed for flying the drones/UAV. There are many more manufacturers in the queue ready to follow OM UAV Systems. I hope the concerned ministry will soon clear the project and people will get faster service by online shopping sites. 

On a serious Note
I feel the need of such services should be seen in broader views as the drone service can be utilized in a country like India to provide health related support in remote areas where transportation of vital medical health care is needed urgently. Besides the health sector our film industry is already using this technology in countries where this service is available. For example the producer of recently released movie ‘Baby’ starring Akshay Kumar shot many action scenes using an Octocopter drone in Abu Dhabi. 


For the sake of information the companies like Amazon and Google have already started working on such projects and as per recent news Amazon is waiting for clearance from aviation ministry for getting approval to commence its services in Mumbai. If they succeed they promise to deliver your order within 30 minutes anywhere in your city.

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